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Chivas drops two points vs Queretaro

08/09/2020 22:55 / Omar González

Chivas failed to take advantage of favorable conditions during the game vs Gallos Blancos and managed a 1-1 draw during Matchweek 9 of Guard1anes 2020 at Estadio Akron.

From the very start, Guadalajara got hold of the ball and the game while Queretaro just waited patiently and settled in the defensive half. The first chance for El Chiverio arrived in minute 4 with a good run by 'Tiba' Sepulveda who entered the box but was not able to shoot after a timely block by a defender.

Then in the 11th minute, Antuna crossed the ball for JJ who shot on an empty net but somehow a defender deflected the ball. Chivas continued with an effective high press and in the 22nd minute, Jose Juan Macias unleashed a long-range shot that went way above target. At last in the 31st minute, the hard work paid off with a top-class goal from Macias who was assisted brilliantly by Vega just outside the box to dribble past a pair of defenders and fired left-footed straight into the net.

Gallos changed tactics and went on the offense. Queretaro’s first opportunity came in minute 30 when Ramirez fired a rocket that 'Toño' Rodriguez deflected away followed by another opportunity in the 43rd minute with a close-range shot from Angel Sepulveda that went in Rodriguez’ goal overruled, offside.

During the second half, the need for an equalizer made Queretaro a bit more audacious and in the 48th minute, Alfonso Luna tried to answer back with a violent shot that did not hit the target. In minute 57, Gallos got the equalizer as Toño Rodríguez failed to control a lobbed ball inside the 6-yard box and Silveria laced it home with a soft touch.

The equalizer was a confidence booster for Queretaro that forced ‘Toño’ to save his goal twice, a violent shot by Madrigal in the 62nd minute and a dangerous header in minute 64th. In the 70th minute, Silveria was sent off after a foul on Jesus Molina which turned the tide in favor of Chivas who regained ball control in the attacking half then in minute 76th, ‘Cone’ performed a great run inside the box to cross the ball straight into JJ who unleashed a flashy left-footed volley, just off-target.

In the final minutes Chivas almost took back the lead as in the 86th minute Jose Juan Macias was found open inside the box and tried to shoot but was tripped by a defender, and after a VAR review the referee awarded a PK that was saved by Alcala. During Matchweek 10 of Guard1anes 2020, Chivas will face Necaxa next Friday in Aguascalientes.

Guadalajara 1-1 Querétaro
(Jose Juan Macias al 32’)
(Hugo Silveira al 57’)
Referee: Eduardo Galván Basulto
Estadio Akron

Line ups:

Guadalajara: 4 Antonio Rodríguez, 17 Jesús Sánchez (YC 41’) (27 José Madueña 46’) (24 Oribe Peralta 81’), 21 Hiram Mier, 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda, 26 Cristian Calderón, 5 Jesús Molina (10 Eduardo López 81’), 20 Fernando Beltrán (23 José Juan Vázquez 66’), 11 Isaac Brizuela, 15 Uriel Antuna (19 Jesús Angulo 66’), 7 Alexis Vega and 9 José Juan Macías.
Coach. Víctor Vucetich

Queretaro: 13 Gil Alcalá (YC 80’), 6 Alfonso Luna (YC 15’) (4 Martín Rea 85’), 2 Julián Velázquez, 25 Daniel Cervantes, 17 Erik Vera (11 Julio Nava 85’), 8 Fernando Madrigal (YCV 28’), 20 Gonzalo Montes, 14 Omar Islas (34 Irving Zurita 43’), 7 Kevin Ramírez, 15 Ángel Sepúlveda (9 Sebastián Sosa 78’) and 19 Hugo Silveira (RC 70’).
Coach. Alex Diego


Position Teams Matches Points
6 12 21
7 12 21
8 12 19
9 12 17
10 12 15

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