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06/12/2020 12:12 / Javier Quezada

It was like straight out of a Hollywood script, with Estadio Akron as the main stage and the sporting rival as the antagonist while Chivas triumphed like the hero to get their 5th U-20 league title.

A fast start as in minute 1 Zahid Muñoz gave Chivas the lead as he entered the box and shot off the post but the ball bounced back to his foot and he shot past the keeper.

Then in minute 22, Benjamín Sánchez increased ‘El Chiverío’s lead following a corner kick that found him just in front of the goal, and with a soft touch, he sent it home. Six minutes later, a great save by García following a dangerous shot from the visiting team. In the 38th minute, Martínez pulled one back for Atlas during a set-piece play.

During the second half, Chivas controlled the game most of the time; nonetheless, in minute 73, Atlas was close to equalizing the game; however, Cázares header missed the target. In the 80th minute, Zahid Munoz got his brace & apparently put the game to rest as he cashed from the pk spot.

By the dawn of the game, in the 83rd minute, Atlas answered back when Pineda found the back of the net during a corner kick. On stoppage time, in a very dramatic fashion, Sebastián ‘Chevy’ Martínez ran across the field, entered the box, and shot the ball into the back of the net to give Chivas their 5th U-20 Championship.

Guadalajara Sub 20 4-2 Atlas Sub 20
(Zahid Muñoz 1’ and 79’, Benjamín Sánchez 21’ and Sebastián Martínez 90'+3')
(Luis Martínez 38’ and Juan Pineda 82’)
Referee: Juan Francisco Sánchez Leal
Estadio Akron

Guadalajara Sub 20: 181 Eduardo García, 185 Jesús Orozco, 192 Luis Carrillo, 196 Miguel Gómez, 182 Dylan Guajardo, 188 Irving Márquez (198 Miguel Guzmán al 53’ (204 Jesús Haro 84’), 189 Alejandro Organista, 194 Zahid Muñoz (YC 84’), 199 Néstor Díaz, 200 Diego Campillo and 195 Benjamín Sánchez (58 Sebastián Martínez 84’).
Coach. Francisco Robles.

Atlas Sub 20: 182 Antonio Sánchez,188 Juan Pineda, 194 Roberto Enciso, 186 Alejandro Bravo (185 Alejandro Sánchez 56'), 200 Aldo López, 201 Alan Reyes, 210 Alonso Ramírez(197 Josué Marquez al 70'), 187 Leonardo Correa (YC 60’), 190 Luis Martínez (202 Jairo Nungaray 45'), 192 Emilio Cázares (191 Luis Martinez 66’) and 195 Luis Flores. (198 Sebastián Medina). 
Coach. Omar Flores.


Position Teams Matches Points
10 2 3
11 2 2
12 2 2
13 2 2
14 2 2

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