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News on Chivas' call-up list for El Clasico Tapatio

11/05/2022 21:48 / Enrique Noriega

Chivas’ last practice had several new features prior to El Clasico Tapatio of the first leg of the Clausura 2022’s Quarterfinals, so Ricardo Cadena shared the list of 22 players called-up for the match against Los Zorros, so without further ado, here we tell you about the moves made by the red & white coach.

The absence of 'Canelo' will be compensated with Alejandro Organista, while Paolo Yrizar returns to the squad after taking the place of Gilberto Garcia. Both 'Orga' and Paolo have been training with Guadalajara for several weeks, so they are ready to be considered by coach Cadena.

Now, you are probably wondering what happened to Sebastian Perez Bouquet? Well, 'Sebas' joined the U-20 National Team this Wednesday, which is preparing for the CONCACAF Pre-World Cup tournament, so he will return to La Perla Tapatía next Friday.

On the other hand, despite his last minute absence against Pumas, Raul Gudiño is available again.

Chivas' call-up list for the first leg of the Quarterfinals:

Goalkeepers: Miguel Jimenez, Raul Gudiño.

Defenders: Gilberto Sepulveda, Hiram Mier, Luis Olivas, Antonio Briseño, Miguel Ponce, Jesus Sanchez, Cristian Calderon, Carlos Cisneros, Gilberto Orozco.

Midfielders: Fernando Beltran, Eduardo Torres, Alejandro Organista, Pavel Perez, Sergio Flores.

Forwards: Jose Juan Macias, Alexis Vega, Roberto Alvarado, Cesar Huerta, Angel Zaldivar, Paolo Yrizar.


Position Teams Matches Points
5 17 26
6 17 26
7 17 26
8 17 25
9 17 23

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