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Will Alexis Vega be available for the second leg of the Quarterfinals?

13/05/2022 14:43 / Enrique Noriega

We know that after the first leg of the Quarterfinals, the entire Chiva Nation is wondering what happened to Alexis Vega? Why he left the field? Is he going to play on Sunday? Well, here we tell you what happened and what's the condition of the red & white striker.

Alexis came off the field at 67' due to discomfort on the right side of his hip, which set off alarm bells in El Rebaño; after being sustituted by Angel Zaldivar, the striker was attended by the Chivas' medical staff, who quickly put ice on the affected area.

And then!!????

Well, fortunately the ailment was just a strong hit, so Vega will be able to play the second leg against los Zorros. Yes, just as you read it, Alexis will surely have minutes in the second clash of the Quarterfinals series, fact that increases the hope of a comeback for all the [email protected].


Position Teams Matches Points
5 17 26
6 17 26
7 17 26
8 17 25
9 17 23

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