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Chivas U23 were too much for Santos and advance to Semifinals

18/11/2023 12:00 / Javier Quezada

From the first episode of the series, Chivas U-23 showed that they were too much for Santos to handle and this Saturday they repeated the dose with another 3-1 win (7-3 overall) in the second leg of the Quarter-Finals. El Rebaño will know their next opponent tomorrow, once the rest of the matches in this stage of the Liguilla have been completed.

The goals
- El Rebaño opened the account at 5', when Miguel Gómez put in a powerful header that crossed the entire area and 'Hormiga' González appeared at the far post to simply push the ball into the net.
- Chivas extended their lead at 41', after Dylan Guajardo reached the back line and put in a delayed pass that Juan Zavala took as he came and left-footed the ball into the cage.
- The visitors scored from the penalty spot just before halftime with a shot to the left of Mario Cordero, impossible to save.
- Guadalajara side put their numbers on the scoreboard at 78', when Gómez reached the final third of the field, cut back to his marker and put in a cross that 'Chevy' Martínez sent into the net.

Chivas U23 3-1 Santos U23
(Armando González at 5', Juan Zavala at 41' and Sebastián Martínez at 78' )
(Mario Cordero at 44' )
Referee: Iván Antonio López Sánchez
Verde Valle

Chivas U23: 201 Erick Montiel, 43 Leonardo Sepúlveda, 54 Miguel Gómez, 184 Matías Cendejas, 187 Diego Delgadillo, 202 Daniel Flores, 57 Dylan Guajardo, 189 Gael García, 190 Juan Zavala, 192 Armando González and 194 Luis Ledesma.
D.T. José Melendez.

Santos U23: 186 David Sánchez, 181 Emmanuel Echeverría, 183 Juan Tejeda, 187 Emilio Santillán, 189 Iker Banda, 182 Diego Martínez, 184 Luis Vega, 185 Héctor Carranza, 195 Jesús Ramírez, 199 Ronaldo Rubio and 200 Mario Cordero.
Coach Carlos Cruz.


Position Teams Matches Points
4 17 28
5 17 27
6 17 25
7 17 23
8 17 23

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