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The impact of 'Nene' Beltrán's goals in the Apertura 2023

01/12/2023 14:22 / Enrique Noriega

One of the most important players for Guadalajara in the first leg of the Quarterfinals was Fernando Beltrán, who, in addition to being the team Captain and scoring the winning goal, showed a great soccer performance that helped the Rebaño take an important step forward in this knockout stage.

Beltrán reached 4 goals so far in the Apertura 2023 and each and every one of them have been very nice, but more importantly: they all meant something of utmost importance for Chivas.
- Chivas has never lost when Fernando Beltrán scores a goal. This statistic applies since the day of his debut.
- Three of his four goals in the tournament opened the scoring in favor of the Rebaño.
- 3 of his 4 goals were from long distance.
- In 2 of his 4 goals he was assisted by 'Cone' Brizuela.

The tally of his goals in the Apertura 2023
- Chivas 3-1 Atlético San Luis / Matchday 2 / His first goal in the Apertura 2023
The 'Nene's' first goal came against the Potosinos and was born from an extraordinary play by Yael Padilla and Cristian Calderón, who left a bombon inside the area and Beltrán sent it to the back of the goal with the inside of the net.

- Chivas 2-0 Necaxa / Day 3 / Second goal of AP23
Against the Rayos, he scored the first of his goals from outside the box, as at 24' he controlled the ball on the right flank, extended his drive a few meters and shot a shot into the corner of the net.

- Chivas 4-1 Atlas / Matchday 12 / Third goal of AP23
The Rebaño's homegrown player scored his first goal in Clásicos Tapatíos in the current tournament and this goal was very valuable, as it was the goal that opened the scoring and showed the way for Guadalajara. This goal was a work of art, as 'Nene' took advantage of a great pass from Brizuela and, without thinking about it, he scored a right-footed shot that defeated Camilo Vargas.

- Chivas 1-0 Pumas / First Leg Quarterfinals / Fourth goal of AP23
To close the account is the goal that gave the Rebaño the lead in the elimination match against UNAM. This goal had a great impact, as the university goalkeeper had a great performance and the only way to beat him was with a goal of this caliber.


Position Teams Matches Points
5 8 15
6 9 15
7 9 15
8 7 14
9 7 10

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