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Chivas U23 is the Apertura 2023 Champion!!!!

02/12/2023 21:00 / Omar González

San Nicolás de los Garza, N.L.- The battle was long and hard, but Chivas U-23 made their status as the best youth academy in Mexican soccer count after defeating Tigres 0-2 (0-2 on aggregate) in extra time to win the first title in the history of the Liga MX U-23 category.

The team coached by Pepe Meléndez took a long time to be convincing, but when the match was in the second overtime period, they scored 2 goals in 2 minutes, the first of which was scored by the tournament's top scorer, Armando González, to crown an outstanding campaign and add another trophy to the red and white trophy cabinet.

The goals:
- 110' Armando González confirmed his status as the tournament's top scorer to break the scoreless scoreline, as he instinctively appeared alone at the far post to push the ball into the net after a corner kick from the right.

- 112' Saúl Zamora scored the Red and White's second goal with a shot from outside the area that was deflected on its way to the back of the goal.

The danger:
10' Enrique Ledesma took a corner kick from the left wingtip with a soft touch, captain Matías Cendejas headed a shot with his head, but the ball was deflected by a defender on its way into the goal.

36' Diego Ojeda tried to surprise with a half-volley, but the red and white goalkeeper Eduardo García was well positioned to save the ball.

41' CEEERRRRRCAAAA From a direct free kick, Enrique Ledesma passed the ball over the wall and the ball went just over the crossbar.

47' Armando González fought for the ball in the box, and between 3 opponents managed to shoot with his left foot, but his shot went over the blue and white goalkeeper's crossbar.

83' UUUFFF Mateo Chávez took a shot outside the area, the ball went to the base of the post and the feline goalkeeper managed to deflect the shot.

89' ENORMEEEEEEEEEE THE DRAGON Eduardo García made the save of the match when he saved Diego Sánchez's shot with a throw to his left.

96' Saúl Zamora came within a whisker of breaking the scoreline with a shot from outside the area that went high, but the goalkeeper was too busy to keep the ball out of his net.

Tigres 0-2 Chivas
(Armando González 110' and Saúl Zamora 112')
Referee: Iván Antonio López
Universitario Stadium

Tigres: 182 Arturo Delgado, 185 Fernando González, 187 Manuel Aguilar, 190 Omar Reynoso (186 Luis Ruiz 80'), 193 Kenneth Jaime, 196 Fernando González (200 Luis Cañamar 80', 198 Diego Sánchez (AM 104'), 199 Diego Ojeda (205 Isaías Galván 58'), 201 Luis Nájera, 203 Bernardo Parra (AM 86') and 211 Kevin Mariscal (209 Jorge Zapata 58') (AM 84').
D. T. Hernán Elizondo

Chivas: 51 Eduardo García, 54 Miguel Gómez (197 Leonardo Jiménez 33'), 187 Diego Delgadillo, 43 Leonardo Sepúlveda, 50 Mateo Chávez (202 Daniel Flores 93'), 184 Matías Cendejas, 209 Daniel Villaseca (AM 85') (44 Saúl Zamora 93'), 57 Dylan Guajardo (52 Luis Puente 71'), 189 Gael García (185 Gibran Ortiz 71') (AM 95'), 194 Enrique Ledesma (205 Ariel Castro 107') and 192 Armando González.
D. T. José Meléndez


Position Teams Matches Points
5 8 15
6 9 15
7 9 15
8 7 14
9 7 10

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