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La Cantera Rojiblanca raises its hand for CL24

11/01/2024 15:22 / Enrique Noriega

Fernando Gago is characterized as a coach who trusts in young talent and, since his arrival at Guadalajara, he has made this quite clear, as he has considered several elements from the Youth Academy throughout the preseason, so there is a good chance that they will be taken into account during the Clausura 2024.

Which players are we talking about?

- Mateo Chávez: Left back with extensive training in the Cantera Rojiblanca. He has participated in the preseason friendlies, thanks to the good performance shown in Tapatío, where he took possession of the field and lifted 2 titles.

- Enrique Ledesma: a Left-footed midfielder who usually plays inside. He was crowned with the U-23 team in the last tournament and was a key player in that competition. The player from Nayarit has also been considered throughout the preseason, so he continues with his intense work with the intention of getting his chance.

- Gael García: a right winger who has a long process in the Basic Forces of Guadalajara. During the last tournament he participated with the Tapatío and the Under-23s, so he has sufficient arguments to be considered by the red and white coaching staff.

- Armando González: Center forward who has just been registered with the Chivas First Team. He was the U-23 scoring champion in the AP23 and scored the goal that gave the title to that squad. The 'Hormiga' stands out for his personality and his desire to establish himself in the Rebaño.

- Gilberto García: His profile is that of a player who can fulfill several functions, as he has played as a midfielder, inside midfielder and winger. He has experience in Tapatío and has already made his debut in the maximum circuit. His debut was against Atlético San Luis in AP22.

- Leonardo Sepúlveda: Left-footed central midfielder who was already on the bench during AP23, although he did not make his debut with the Red and White jersey. He arrived at the Cantera a few months ago, after completing part of his training process in the United States and Spain.


Position Teams Matches Points
7 15 25
8 15 25
9 15 23
10 15 23
11 15 20

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