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Chivas Subs make their home ground count and beat Santos!

13/01/2024 13:53 / Roberto García

Persistence, effort and a lot of character were shown by Guadalajara's U-23 and U-18 teams to get the Clausura 2024 off on the right foot, as both squads defeated their Santos counterparts this morning at Verde Valle by 3-2 and 2-1, respectively.

The Rebaño U-23s came from behind twice to take the three points, while the Chiverío U-18s dominated from start to finish to secure their first win of the semester.

What were the goals for Chivas U23 like?
-Santos took the lead when Ronaldo Rubio capitalized on an oversight by the defense in the 24th minute.
-Diego Delgadillo evened the score at 35', with a great header on a corner kick from the right, after finding space in the penalty spot and sending the ball into the net with a great turn of his head.
-The team from the Comarca scored again at 58' through Guillermo Muñoz, who pushed the ball in after goalkeeper Juan Liceaga saved a penalty kick and the rebound that followed, but could do nothing on the third play.
-The Rebaño persisted and found the equalizer again with 77' on the clock, this time with a header by Edgar Gutiérrez. The Rojiblanco striker anticipated his marker to connect with the cross from the right and beat the Santista goalkeeper.
-Daniel Flores gave Chiverío U-23 the win at 79' in a play that he himself initiated, as he recovered the ball in midfield, drove, passed to the left and ended up finishing to put the final score on the scoreboard.

Chivas U23 3-2 Santos U23
(Diego Delgadillo at 35', Edgar Gutiérrez at 77' and Daniel Flores at 79')
(Ronaldo Rubio at 24' and Guillermo Muñoz at 58')
Referee: Edgar Ulises Rangel Rubio
Verde Valle

Chivas U23: 181 Juan Liceaga, 186 Javier Guerrero, 187 Diego Delgadillo (C), 202 Daniel Flores, 203 Diego Ochoa, 199 Emilio Tame, 211 Diego Martínez, 69 Daniel Villaseca, 183 Ever Corona, 185 Gibran Ortiz and 193 André Ham.
D.T. José Melendez.

Santos FC U23: 27 Joel García, 187 Emilio Santillán (C), 201 Luis De La Mora, 239 Diego Vargas, 248 Jonathan Pérez, 185 Héctor Carranza, 195 Jesús Ramírez, 203 Roberto Salazar, 205 Guillermo Muñoz, 244 Carlos Meléndez and 199 Ronaldo Rubio.
D.T. Juan García.

What were the goals for Chivas U18 like?
-Zinedine Hernández quickly found his first goal as a Rojiblanco, just 6 minutes into the match. A cross from the right corner kick bounced around the box, only for Zinedine to push it into the six-yard box.
-The Warriors equalized at 9', with a shot by Julio Reyes from the left sector, which beat Ángel Romero.
-José Elenes closed the score for Chivas U18 at 19' when he finished off an excellent team play, which put him in front of the Santista goal and he scored with a great right-footed shot.

Chivas U18 2-1 Santos U18
(Zinedine Hernandez at 6' and José Elenes at 19')
(Julio Reyes at 9')
Referee: Carlos Alberto Casas García
Verde Valle

Chivas U18: 231 Ángel Romero, 233 Zinedine Hernández, 237 José Gallegos, 243 Jared De León, 247 Juan Capuchino, 235 Isaac Martínez (C), 236 Juan Pablo Uribe, 246 Cristian Inda, 238 Íñigo Cuesta, 259 José Elenes and 297 Deibith Armenta.
D.T. Paulo Ferrao.

Santos U18: 254 Sergio Barajas, 243 José Sifuentes, 246 Juan Burillo, 250 Edwin Alvarado, 252 Kevin García, 255 Valente González, 232 Alejandro Partida (C), 241 Julio Reyes, 242 Ángel Romero, 245 Álex Valencia and 236 Tahiel Jiménez.
D.T. Jorge Campos.


Position Teams Matches Points
7 15 25
8 15 25
9 15 23
10 15 23
11 15 20

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