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Chivas U18 defeat Atletico San Luis Away

04/02/2024 15:11 / Javier Quezada

San Luis Potosí - It was a very productive morning for Guadalajara's youth teams at La Presa, as both the U18 and U23 teams picked up points against Atlético de San Luis on Sunday in matches corresponding to matchday 5 of the Apertura 2023.

How did the U18s fare?
El Rebaño strengthened its position as the overall Super Leader of this category after defeating San Luis by the minimum difference and reaching 15 points, the result of 4 wins in its first 5 matches of the CL24. Chivas was able to take advantage of a defensive lapses to open the scoring and then showed great game management to hold the Potosinos at bay.

The winning goal was the result of high pressure, after Osvaldo Plascencia stole the ball on the edge of the area and gave it to Hugo Camberos, who headed towards goal and shot across the goalkeeper.

Atlético San Luis 18 0-1 Chivas Sub 18
(Hugo Camberos at 24')
Referee: Ricardo Joseph Zárate Balderas
Facilities at La Presa

- Atlético San Luis 18: 232 José Lozano, 244 Diego Sánchez, 249 Juan Rodríguez, 254 Paul Ortega, 255 Braulio Martínez, 195 Alan Sandoval, 243 Bruno Gómez. 250 Iván Domínguez, 251 César Ayón, 245 Luis Chiu and 256 Gael Camarena.
D.T. Diego López.

- Chivas U18: 251 David Nungaray, 223 Diego Ochoa, 233 Zinedine Hernández, 237 José Gallegos, 242 Ángel Brambila, 75 Hugo Mata, 225 Osvaldo Plascencia, 246 Cristian Inda, 232 Hugo Camberos, 240 Víctor García and 256 Diego Latorre.
D.T. Sergio Pinto.

How did the U-23 team fare?
El Rebaño showed the mental fortitude to overcome a bad first half and in the second half, they tilted the field to find the goal that allowed them to leave La Presa with 1 point, a result that placed them in 14th place in the table with 5 points.

The Home side took the lead through David Rodríguez, who put the ball into the left corner of the net with a shot from the front of the net. Ariel Castro put the final score in the first minutes of the second half, from a free kick that was deflected by the defense.

Atlético San Luis 23 1-1 Chivas Sub 23
(David Rodríguez at 10')
(Ariel Castro at 53')
Referee: Vicente Jassiel Reynoso Arce
La Presa Facilities

- Atlético San Luis 23: 32 Diego Urtiaga, 31 Eduardo Águila, 184 Daniel Guillén, 198 Gabriel Martínez, 204 Oliver Pérez, 190 Luis Guerrero, 194 David Rodríguez, 196 Luis Sánchez, 201 Kevin Ortega, 202 Luis Cañamar and 203 Diego Abitia.
D.T. Jesús Marcos.

- Chivas U23: 181 Juan Liceaga, 184 Sebastián Esparza, 186 Javier Guerrero, 187 Diego Delgadillo, 188 Francisco Méndez, 199 Emilio Tame, 200 Carlos Corona, 211 Diego Martínez, 185 Gibran Ortiz, 205 Ariel Castro and 209 Edgar Gutiérrez.
D.T. José Melendez


Position Teams Matches Points
7 15 25
8 15 25
9 15 23
10 15 23
11 15 20

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