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Chivas U18s beat FC Juarez at home

10/02/2024 13:30 / Roberto García

The Red and White activity kicked off this weekend against Bravos in Verde Valle, as this morning both the U-23 and U-18 teams faced their counterparts from FC Juárez, where the scoreline was scandalous.

How did the U18 team fare?

There was only one team on the field, as Chivas overwhelmed their rival 5-1. Character and effectiveness were shown by the Rebaño's youngsters, who completely neutralized the equine team to win their fifth victory in six games. With this, the U18s maintained their overall leadership of the Clausura 2024 with 19 points.

The game was decided in the first half, as the Rebaño scored for Víctor García at the start of the match, in addition to goals by Diego Latorre and Antonio Dolores before halftime. In the second half, Juan Pablo Uribe sealed the three points with a brace. Juárez scored on an unfortunate own goal by goalkeeper Armando Navarrete, in which the pitch played a trick on him with an unexpected bounce of the ball.

Chivas 18 5-1 Juárez Under 18

(Víctor García at 4', Diego Latorre at 29', Antonio Dolores at 43', Juan Pablo Uribe at 51' and 58')

(Armando Navarrete (AG) at 63')

Referee: Luigui Israel Casillas Lupercio

Green Valley


- Chivas U18: 251 David Nungaray; 223 Diego Ochoa, 233 Zinedine Hernández, 237 Alexis Gallegos (C), 242 Ángel Brambila; 225 Osvaldo Plascencia, 236 Juan Pablo Uribe, 246 Cristian Inda, 189 Antonio Dolores; 240 Víctor García and 256 Diego Latorre.
D.T. Sergio Pinto

Bravos U18: 252 Enrique Mendoza; 251 Ángel Torres, 257 Isaac Romero, 289 Iván Cárdenas, 234 Eugenio Cázares (C); 237 Eder López, 242 Carlos Maya, 243 Ian Orozco, 250 César Vega; 235 Diego Arteaga, 245 Diego Acosta.
D.T. Ricardo Ruiz

How did Chivas U23 do?

Fortune was not on the Rebaño's side, who took the initiative in the match as the home side; however, a couple of lapses in concentration cost the Red-and-White the game and they lost 1-2 against the Borderers. Thus, Chivas U23 remained in 15th place in the standings with 5 points.

First, the Juarense team took the lead from the penalty spot, courtesy of Ángel Zapata in the first half. In the second half, Gael García leveled things with a tremendous shot, but in a subsequent counterattack, Luis Martínez scored for the visitors.

Chivas 23 1-2 Juárez U23

(Gael García at 59')

(Ángel Zapata at 31' and Luis Martínez at 78')

Referee: Gustavo Padilla Aguirre

Green Valley


- Chivas U23: 181 Juan Liceaga; 33 Raúl Martínez, 186 Javier Guerrero, 208 Ismael Angulo, 188 Francisco Méndez; 32 Jesús Brígido, 200 Carlos Corona, 47 Gael García, 185 Gibran Ortiz; 193 Marioni Ham (C) and 205 Ariel Castro.

D.T. José Melendez

- Bravos U23: 31 Benny Díaz; 24 Oscar Ortega, 203 Bryan Romero (C), 214 Even Padilla, 238 Ricardo Juárez; 20 Ángel Zapata, 190 Ricardo González, 200 César Sosa, 216 Martín Barra; 195 José Zapata, 261 Xavier Madrigal.

D.T. Salvador Valero


Position Teams Matches Points
5 8 15
6 9 15
7 9 15
8 7 14
9 7 10

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