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We play to win and the players are getting used to it" - Fernando Gago

10/02/2024 20:03 / Roberto García

Guadalajara was convincing in all facets of the game and was able to translate this into three more points in the Clausura 2024. Fernando Gago's team is getting better and better at implementing his coach's ideas, as the coach acknowledged at the press conference after the match against Santos.

Fernando Gago's statements

-"Leo's case I said it with Mateo. On Wednesday he played a great match in an international tournament; today there is an expulsion and it can happen to anyone. Regarding the match, I think we dominated, we played it where we wanted to play it".

-"We had to be very patient, it was very difficult to get in. The match was never in situations where we were in danger or with situations against us".

-"I try to make sure that all the players reach the maximum level in training and in the match".

-"Depending on the opponent, I see how easy it is to use a player in a certain position.

-"All the players are at a very good level, I need them to keep it and improve it for the internal competition.

-"It is normal to celebrate a victory, every game deserves recognition and from tomorrow we think about the next opponent and continue to grow.

-"We play to win and I need all my players to be used to it.

-"JJ is in the process of getting better and we are going to need him and use him when he is ready.

-"We have to see how everyone recovers, it's difficult for me to tell you who will play on Tuesday.

-"There is a way of training that we use, to deal with the tactical and physical aspects, but we also take care of the human being behind the player.


Position Teams Matches Points
5 8 15
6 9 15
7 9 15
8 7 14
9 7 10

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