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Chivas U18 win keeps them in the lead

16/02/2024 14:30 / Roberto García

Guadalajara kicked off the season in the Pearl of the Pacific with matches between Chivas U-23 and U-18 against their counterparts from Mazatlán, where the Cantera Rojiblanca had mixed results.

How did Chivas U18 do?

The circuit leaders confirmed their status by beating the Cañoneros 1-0, in a match plagued by unforeseen circumstances due to the damage the field suffered in the previous match.

Sergio Pinto's team knew how to be attentive in defense to avoid mistakes and at the end of the match they secured the three points with a sublime mid-distance shot by Eduardo Ochoa at 88'. Thus, the Cantera Rojiblanca leads its category with 22 points.

Mazatlán U-18 0-1 Chivas U-18
(Eduardo Ochoa at 88')
Referee: Edwin Eduardo Morfin Verduzco
Deportivo Benito Juarez

- Mazatlán U18: 235 Iván Tirado; 238 Cristhian Tapia, 241 Ángel Leyva, 246 José Coronado, 251 Christopher Castro; 244 Elisvan Cisneros (C), 255 Elías Andrade, 256 Edemir Acosta, 261 Yorgahet Leal; 243 Iván González, 252 Anwar Ben Rhouma.

D.T. Jesús Palacios

- Chivas U18: 251 David Nungaray; 223 Diego Ochoa, 233 Zinedine Hernández, 237 José Gallegos (C), 242 Ángel Brambila; 235 Isaac Martínez, 236 Juan Uribe, 246 Cristian Inda; 189 Antonio Dolores, 240 Víctor García and 256 Diego Latorre.

D.T. Sergio Pinto

How did Chivas U23 fare?

The Red and White youths faced a complicated game in which they had to overcome a waterlogged pitch at Deportivo Benito Juárez, which played for a tricky game at times. The final score of the match was 3-0 for the locals.

In the final stretch of the first half, Mazatlán took the lead with a series of rebounds, which Gabriel López finished off at 39'. In the second half, another ricochet inside the box gave the Mazatlecos their second goal, courtesy of Bryan Gutiérrez at 54'. It was Gutiérrez himself who scored the last goal at 85', again on a ball that got stuck in the penalty spot and was pushed in by the Purple clad player.

Mazatlan 23 3-0 Chivas Sub 23
(Gabriel López at 39' and Bryan Gutiérrez at 54' and 85')
Referee: Edgar Allan Morales Olvera
Deportivo Benito Juarez

-Mazatlán U23: 195 Brian Betancourt; 3 Luis Sánchez, 12 Salvador Rodríguez, 192 Luis Lee, 199 Jesús Moreno; 193 Gabriel López, 201 Said Godínez, 18 Stiven Plaza; 29 Raúl Camacho, 30 Yostin Valadéz, 189 Ángel Saavedra.

D.T. José Islas

-Chivas U23: 181 Juan Liceaga; 184 Sebastián Esparza, 186 Javier Guerrero, 208 Ismael Angulo, 188 Francisco Méndez; 199 Emilio Tame, 211 Diego Martínez, 47 Gael García; 209 Edgar Gutiérrez, 193 Marioni Ham (C) and 205 Ariel Castro.

D.T. José Melendez


Position Teams Matches Points
7 15 25
8 15 25
9 15 23
10 15 23
11 15 20

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