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A difficult day for the Cantera Rojiblanca in Aguascalientes

20/02/2024 13:26 / Roberto García

Just as with the First Team, Guadalajara's U-23 and U-18 teams were active on Day 9 of the Clausura 2024 against Necaxa this Tuesday morning. The visit was quite complicated for the Rebaño's youth teams so we'll tell you how they performed.

How did Chivas U18 do?

The Red-and-White team recorded only their second defeat of the tournament, losing by the minimum difference against Necaxa. However, Chivas remains the leader in its category with 23 points.

The only goal of the match came at 57' when Héctor Guerrero's header beat the Chiverío goalkeeper.

Necaxa 1-0 Chivas U18s
(Héctor Guerrero at 57')
Referee: José Luis Alba Dorado
Deportivo Benito Juarez

-Necaxa U18: 201 Álvaro Magaña; 135 Ronald Burgos, 143 Juan Salcido, 232 Ángel Morales, 234 Juan Estrada (C); 185 Daniel Márquez, 197 Arath Moreno, 246 William Arredondo, 248 Israel Tello; 254 Ricardo Jiménez, 189 Héctor Guerrero.
D.T. Luis García

- Chivas U18: 251 David Nungaray; 223 Diego Ochoa, 233 Zinedine Hernández, 243 Jared De León, 242 Ángel Brambila; 225 Osvaldo Plascencia, 236 Juan Uribe (C), 246 Cristian Inda; 189 Antonio Dolores, 234 Xandor Camacho and 256 Diego Latorre.
D.T. Sergio Pinto

How did Chivas U23 do?

The Guadalajara squad was unable to win at the home of Los Rayos, losing 2-0 to Necaxa. The Cantera Rojiblanca did not start the match in the best way, as in the first half the locals scored the goals that defined the match, through César López at 9' and 33'.

The Red-and-White youths remain with 5 points in the Clausura 2024.

Necaxa 23 2-0 Chivas Sub 23
(César López at 9' and 33')
Referee: Iván Antonio López Sánchez
Necaxa Club House

-Necaxa U23: 231 Javier Orantes; 182 Guillermo Silva, 187 David Bautista, 190 Noé Maldonado, 193 Román Torres; 17 Rogelio Cortéz, 184 Waldo Madrid, 204 Santiago Márquez; 238 Daniel Vázquez, 179 César López, 242 José Santoyo (C).

D.T. Luis Padilla

- Chivas U23: 181 Juan Liceaga; 184 Sebastián Esparza, 63 Matías Cendejas (C), 187 Diego Delgadillo, 188 Francisco Méndez; 204 Luis Gómez, 185 Gibran Ortiz, 47 Gael García; 209 Edgar Gutiérrez, 193 Marioni Ham (C) and 205 Ariel Castro.

D.T. José Melendez


Position Teams Matches Points
7 15 25
8 15 25
9 15 23
10 15 23
11 15 20

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