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Don Jorge Vergara: the Man who always believed in Mexicans.

03/03/2024 09:42 / Club Deportivo Guadalajara

It is often said that a person is made by his actions, his ideas and convictions, because that is what lasts over time. This is precisely what characterized Don Jorge Vergara Madrigal (RIP), who 69 years ago came into this world to inspire us to dream, because everything that exists today began that way and on the anniversary of his birth, we remember with great affection the legacy he left us and that continues to inspire us "day in and day out".

Controversial, outspoken, but always firm in his convictions, he had a clear mission when he acquired Guadalajara on October 30, 2002: to empower young people and convince them that success in Mexico is possible, with dedication and effort. He never doubted the potential of Mexicans and always encouraged all those around him to work to fulfill their dreams.

Under his guidance, the Cantera Rojiblanca became the basis of the National Teams and he fought to the last instance for the Red and White players to make the leap to Europe. The perfect example: the boost he gave to the career of Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández, by facilitating his departure to Manchester United and even accompanied him to Old Trafford to sign his contract.

Don Jorge was a true revolutionary in Mexican soccer, as his ideas and innovations took more than one person out of their comfort zone. How can we forget the post-match press releases or the official photos with which Chivas surprised everyone? Who doesn't remember his controversial statements to the media? The positive impact he generated cannot even be discussed.

Another decision he made that marked his tenure was when he cleaned the Rebaño's uniform, after it had 14 marks distributed among jerseys, shorts and socks before his arrival at the club.

The crown jewel of Jorge's legacy we enjoy every 15 days. He built a dignified, modern, revolutionary house that is worthy of what Club Deportivo Guadalajara deserves. Akron Stadium marked a before and after on how sports venues should be in Mexico and Latin America. It has hosted the Pan American Games, the Concacaf Pre-World Cup and the home of the Mexican National Team, in addition to hosting multiple artistic events and will soon fulfill one of the premises under which it was conceived, as it will host 4 matches of the 2026 World Cup.

During his tenure, Chivas won 2 MX Leagues, 2 MX Cups, 1 MX Super Cup, 1 CONCACAF Champions League, 1 Interliga and the first title in the history of the Liga MX Femenil, in addition to the well-remembered 2010 Copa Libertadores Final.

Don Jorge Vergara always stood out for being positive, dreamy and, above all, empathetic. Today, 69 years after his birth, we continue to apply his teachings and seek to be people who care for people. He goes to heaven, on behalf of the entire Red and White Nation, with a warm embrace.


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