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Jaime 'Tubo' Gómez, the keeper of a history of greatness

04/05/2024 15:37 / Club Deportivo Guadalajara

It was on May 4 when the Perla Tapatía saw the departure of the figure who started the legacy of the great goalkeepers of the red and white goal. And who, as if that were not enough, had his beginnings far away from the 3 posts, but close to the net.

Don Jaime 'Tubo' Gómez left us on a day like today in 2008, at the age of 78, a day when he flew again, now on another plane, as he did in his native Manzanillo, Colima, where he excelled as a volleyball player. This sport helped him develop his unparalleled leap, which he used to perfect a powerful shot that even defeated a triple block.

Despite his origins in Colima, he represented the Jalisco volleyball team on several occasions, the first of them in the National First Force Championship in Puebla, where he earned his unforgettable nickname courtesy of journalist Fernando Cortes de la Peña, who did not hesitate to say: "this player hits the ball with a pipe".

But if there was something that stole his heart, it was soccer and Club Deportivo Guadalajara, which caused him to leave the pitch to put on the gloves, wear the red and white number 1, and mark an unequaled era to this day.

Under his protection, the only true champion of Mexican soccer built his legend with 6 league championships, bringing his total to 22. He won the Mexico Cup, Champion of Champions, Challenger Cup, and many more. Thanks to this and his insurmountable performances in the tapatía goal, he played in two World Cups: Sweden in 1958 and Chile in 1962.

However, it is worth remembering the moment that immortalized him and catapulted him as one of the favorites of the Rojiblanca Nation. On April 24, 1955, during a Clasico Tapatio in which Chivas (as usual) swept their neighbors in the city, to the point that the Zorros didn't even touch the ball, 'Tubo' had the idea of going to the stands during the game and borrowing a magazine, then he returned to his goal and sat leaning against one of the posts to read the latest Memín Pingüín publication that a fan had lent him.

Don Jaime will always be remembered for his great talent under the 3 goal posts and for his permanent signs of affection for Club Guadalajara. His contribution was fundamental to cement the greatness of our institution and for that reason, he will always be recognized and loved by the Chivas Nation.


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6 4 8
7 4 7
8 4 7
9 4 6
10 4 5

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