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I Ching: the existential Chiva.

18/11/2020 17:19 / Robert Amorelli

“For existential mathematics, which does not exist, I would propose this equation: the value of coincidence is equal to the degree of its improbability”.
– Milan Kundera

This season has definitely been one of fluxes. Big changes in small amounts of time have driven our team and the institution. This season we have been bombarded, first and foremost by the COVID – 19 pandemic, second would be the off pitch antics, distractors from what is really going on around the team, its development and its growth. And now we ask: what’s next?

It’s always quiet, before the storm. Some might say the storm comes first. But know, everything we have experienced prepare us for the change. Perhaps, its always quiet before the League Championship. The stars are aligning and Club Deportivo Guadalajara has a golden chance to add another star to its Crown. Believe me. It’s not just the undying love for the Red and White. It’s ‘Yijing’.

‘I Ching’ works to generate ideas and attend to the constant change of situations and objects that surround us and helps us not to cling to things or contexts. Because as Confucius well expressed standing by a river: “everything flows and continues like this river, without pause, day and night."

The ‘I Ching’ speaks to us about the teachings of life, that is, ideas within an invisible world. It explains that everything that happens on Earth is only a reproduction, so to speak, of an event in a world beyond our sense perception, as far as its occurrence in time. It teaches us that we are linked to the sky, the supra-sensitive world of ideas, and to the Earth, the material world of visible things.

Judgments or set-backs, are, for the ‘I Ching’, a primordial element, since those set-backs make it possible for us to improve our decision making, that is, they indicate to us if a certain action will bring success or misfortune.

There are 3 characteristics of this great flow: continuity, wholeness and dynamism. It is continuous because it never stops in renewing itself. It is holistic because it includes everything in the universe and permeates in all aspects of life. It is dynamic because it is full of motion and movement, generating energy and strength all the time.

Chivas is stronger, on the move, generating synergy. The answers of the ‘I Ching’ are not absolute, determining, nor positive or negative, each answer requires its interpretation, that is, the ‘I Ching’ is a consultation that invites reflection and introspection. It is up to the leaders within the group to divine the right course. Up to now they have.

Now it just remains for us to be patient and wait for next Saturday’s result. The first step towards the collective objective. The Championship. Maybe, who knows. “AY CHIN!!! LAS CHIVAS CAMPEONAS!!!”


Position Teams Matches Points
6 17 28
7 17 26
8 17 25
9 17 25
10 17 24

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